Why use Risk

The right cover

To be confident you have the right insurance, you need a broker who has a deep understanding of the type of cover you need and the options available.

At Risk Direct we have a great deal of experience, both in insurance and in life, so we are able to offer sensible advice tailored to your individual circumstances.

We know what is available and we understand the fine print, so you won’t end up with a policy that looks great on the surface but doesn’t deliver in the end.

We also regularly review your cover because we know circumstances change, and it’s important that your cover meets your current needs.


You need a broker with integrity. You don’t need a broker who tries to sell you cover you don’t require or that is overpriced.

At Risk Direct, integrity is very important to us and we will never recommend cover that is not right for you, no matter how much incentive an insurer may offer.

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