The Seven Deadly Sins of Health Insurance and Life Insurance
Video Blog by Steve Munro, August 2022

If you are in business, have debt, or need to work to earn an income, you probably already know it’s a good idea to have risk insurance (health, life, trauma, income protection etc.). What you possibly don’t know, is that you are likely entitled to claim for more things than you realise. But unless your broker points this out, most people will have no idea. And if you are tempted to think health insurance is an unnecessary expense because New Zealand has a public health system – think again. You can’t rely on the public system because wait times for many procedures are astronomical.

In this video, Steve Munro explains what you should know – and you may be surprised at what you will discover:

  • How to make sure you have the right sort of cover
  • Benefits you might not know you have
  • Are you paying premiums for things already covered under other parts of your policy?
  • Common things people don’t realise they can claim for
  • Cost-cover balance – are you over or under insured?
  • Is your broker an ex car salesman or a superhero?
  • How to choose and work with a good broker
  • How to make claiming easier
  • Real life case studies
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