How far does your health insurance really go?
Video Blog by Steve Munro, June 2023

No matter what business you are in (self-employed, salaried, or retired), health insurance should be part of your risk mitigation strategy.

Consider this question: How much would you pay to live for an extra year?

If you are diagnosed with serious illness, the right health insurance that gives you access to the best treatments can make a difference of one year, five years, or even provide a cure.

But not all health insurance is created equal, and many policies don’t include all the treatment options that are available. Crowd funding to get the treatment you or a loved one need is not going to be fun at what could be a very stressful time in your life.

So it’s not a case of ‘any old health insurance policy will do’. You need to know exactly what you are covered for – and what you are not covered for (this may surprise you).

This video explains what you need to be aware of, and how to make sure your health insurance story is a successful one, not a nightmare.

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